General Hygiene

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  1. Suggest the formation of a club.
    1. The club idea stimulates much interest.
  2. Suggested aim or purpose.
    1. The purpose of this club is to help children to become strong and well.
  3. Suggested motto.
    1. ``Health Means Preparedness.''
  4. Suggested names of club.
    1. ``Watch Us Gain Club.''
    2. ``Milkarpie Health Club.''
  5. Suggested Rules.
    1. Rules of the club.
      1. Health:--
        Bathe frequently and wear clean clothes.
        Brush the teeth at least once every day.
        Sleep 10 hours with windows open.
        Drink a pind of milk a day.
        Eat vegetables, fruit and cereals every day.
        Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water a day.
        A bowel movement every day.
        Exercise and play out of doors every day.
      2. Food:--
        Meals should be regular.
        Do not eat between meals.
        Never over-eat.
        Eat slowly and masticated your food well.
        Eat a variety of foods.
        1. Eat vegetables, fruits, and cereals, each day.
        2. Drink at least 4 glasses of water and 2 glasses of milk each day.
    2. Talk about general health habits listed above.
  6. Have children decide on name of club and elect officers.
  7. Weigh children and show them how many pounds they have got to gain to be up to weight.
  8. Explain about Health Records.*
  9. Give out tags.
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