Bessie and Mary: Which one am I like?

From Nutrition and Health, The Borden Company: 1924; page 34.


Bessie never takes a bath,
Her clothes are black with grime;
She hates to drink fresh water,
And is cross most all the time.

Mary takes a bath each day,
Her clothes are clean and white;
She drinks a lot of water too,
Which keeps her well and bright.

How to make the poster

Take two pasteboard dolls about six or eight inches tall. Dress with cloth dresses or paper dresses which come with the dolls. These dolls may be obtained at a Five and Ten Cent store. Print at top of poster ``WHICH ONE AM I LIKE.'' Then paste dolls below this caption. Print the name ``Bess'' under one doll and ``Mary'' under the other. Then soil Bess's dress, hands, face, and knees, and place red ink on her knees to represent scratches and cuts. Mary will stay clean and neat. Then print the verses underneath.

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