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From Nutrition and Health, The Borden Company: 1924; page 39.



  1. Weigh children.
  2. Look over health records.
  3. Talk on subject.
    1. Composition: Fat, protein, carbohydrates, ash and vitamins.
      1. Sugar easily digested and assimilated. Carbohydrates are valuable energy units.
      2. More ash content than in mother's milk.
      3. Protein in condensed milk is more easily digested than protein of bottled milk (pasteurized) due to the process which it undergoes in condensation. The condensed milk forms fine flocculent curds in the stomach in comparison to the large thick curd formed from bottled milk (pasteurized)--New York Medical Journal, May, 1923.
      4. The fat is readily digested and assimilated due to emulsification.
      5. ``Fat soluble A and Water soluble B vitamins retain almost their original potency. The amount of water soluble C vitamin varies with many factors, primarily the amount in the original milk and secondarily upon the process of heating and evaporating, with special reference to oxidation,'' Boston Medical Journal, May, 1921.
    2. Ways of serving.
      1. As a beverage.
      2. In beverages: cocoa, milk shakes, egg nogs, etc.
      3. In cooking.*
    3. Cleanliness and keeping qualities.
      1. Motto, ``Clean Milk Kept Clean'' is The Bordan Company's slogan. It is clean milk sealed in air tight cans and will keep in a cool place without the aid of ice. This gives an advantage over fluid milk and especially in families where ice is a luxury.
  4. Read illustrative story--``Johnnie's Adventures with the Milkarpies,'' from ``Milkarpie Magic.''**
  5. Give out tags.
  6. Place stars on chart.
* ``Menus for Little People,'' a booklet showing how to plan balanced menus and a sample menu for every day of the week for children. Can be obtained from the Borden Co., 350 Madison Ave., New York City.

** Published by The Borden Company, 350 Madison Ave., New York City.

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