Milk Experiment #9: Boy Scouts

From: The...@a...
Subject: Milk Experience
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 19:49:12 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Dan,

Just a quick note to relate a recent milk experience, appropriatte perhaps
for the next round of "Got Milk" commercials.

The Setting:

A Boys Scouts Camporee in Central Florida (Apopka), I mean the works,  6 dens
with about 100 kids at an outdoors remote camp.  Early Evening (sun already

The Event:  A Box Oven contest.

I got picked to "judge" the event as a special guest with 2 other "lucky"
adults.  We get blindfolded so we can not see what we are eating and avoid
biased judgement towards a particular den.  The goodies come out, you can
smell them but you can't see them.  An enthusistic young man sticks a
sponfull of some gooky stuff in my mounth.  My taste buds race to figure out
what the hec..., while my throat goes into autonomous choke.  I struggle
against autonomous impulses to "blow chunks", swallow, and try my hardest to
crack a smile.  Here comes the second spoonfull of God knows what as the
second den of scouts hollers and cheers.  A gooey mess of brownie tasting
matter, at this point only one thought races through my mind:  GOT MILK?!?