Milk Experiment #8: Happy In Prison

From: jgressick <jgr...@c...>
Subject: new commercial
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 10:58:05 -0400

ok, i don't know you , but i have a really cool commercial. ok, here i
  there are two girls who are driving. they park the car and go into a
flower store.  there is a guy waiting for his wife and eating a
cookie.he spots the milk in the girls' car, and gets out of his car. he
tries to get in the girls car,but the door is locked. the two girls come
out with his wife behind them. the girls find out he's trying to get in
the car, his wife is very surprised. he gets arrested.the guy is happy
because in prison,you get lots of milk. the end
i hoped you liked it.