Milk Experiment #19: Angle Eats a Brownie

From: "Natural" <nat...@s...>
To: <>
Subject: Great GOT MILK idea!
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 23:48:39 -0800

Hello, I dont think of myself as a writer per say, but I have a fabulous
idea for those 'Got Milk' commercials that you create, and wish to
submit an idea to the dairy board (


An anonymous computer user is surfing through the net when he stumbles
upon some interesting newsgroup with a facial cumshot and he eats a
brownie and barfs when he see's hardcore beastiality at a letter titled:
"My Wife's Secret" in the alt.bin.erotica.wife_picture newsgroup that
some fucking FREAK posted and his chatcam doesn't work and he another
brownie and then some popcorn and he's (obviously) really thirsty and he
thinks "God Milk?"  then he takes a drill to his skull and ends his life
(like in that artsy film "pi" that made it into a couple of the bigger
theatres like ciniplex odeon) and then a little devil jumps out of his
head and then an angle and the angle eats a brownie and the devil says
"Got Milk?"

Thank you so much for your time, and keep up the great work fella's!